All Star Wars Easter Egg & Cameos Explained – The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian Episode 8, the final episode brings Season one to a close. With it comes the promise of what to expect when the trailer for Season 2 drops later this year but meanwhile lets review the easter eggs and references from all the episodes related to Baby Yoda’s origin, the darksaber explained, nods to Boba Fett, Star Wars species, vehicles, cameos, planets and more. Thanks for watching

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0:46 Chapter 1 Pilot
2:37 Chapter 2 The Child
3:43 Chapter 3 The Sin
4:31 Chapter 4 Sanctuary
5:11 Chapter 5 The Gunslinger
6:23 Chapter 6
7:24 Chapter 7 The Reckoning
8:00 Chapter 8 Reckoning

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