Are We Going to See Dazzler in the X-Men Films?

This week on social media Sophie Turner shared a photo of a Dazzler easter egg, which will appear in the upcoming X-Men Apocalypse movie. So now we know we will have an easter egg for Dazzler in the upcoming film, but can we see Dazzler as an actual character in the X-Men films?

Another interesting photo with a lot of buzz this week was Taylor Swift with Simon Kinberg (writer/producer), Sophie Turner (Jean Grey), and James McAvoy (Professior X). Now people are speculating that Taylor Swift will be playing Dazzler. Recently Swift’s representation debunked the rumor, but you never know maybe now with the interest she can play the character in a future X-Men film.

I am a huge Dazzler fan. So I hope these rumors are true. I’ve always felt that Dazzler is such an under the radar X-Men character, probably because she hasn’t spent a lot of time on the X-Men team. Her solo series in the 1980’s focused on her being mutant as she ventured through her music career.

It would be a nice treat if we had a surprise cameo from Dazzler as an ending credit scene, and see a bigger role for the character in the next X-Men film. Even though X-Men Apocalypse would be the best movie for Dazzler to have a big role since the film is taking place in the 80’s.

Hope to see Dazzler get more exposure in an upcoming film. It’s great that we have iconic characters like Wolverine and Jean Grey, but the X-Men films should also be used to put a spotlight on the lesser-known mutants like Dazzler.



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