Five Marvel Characters Who Should Get Their Own Freeform Show

This week it was announced that Freeform will be creating a Cloak and Dagger television show. I am glad to see Freeform utilizing a Marvel property. These are some of the Marvel characters/teams I would like to see Freeform tackle next.

5) The Runaways – I can see the Runaways story working for either a movie or television format. If Runaways were to go the TV route, I think Freeform would be the perfect fit.

The Runaways was first published in 2003, written by Brian K Vaughn (the mind behind critically acclaimed title Saga) and drawn by Adrian Alphona. It’s about a group of diverse teens who find out their parents are super villains. They don’t want to become like their parents so they runaway from their past lives.

If Freefrom gets a big enough budget I think this could be an interesting story to tell. The only hurdle Marvel may have a difficult time with handling is Molly’s character, since she’s a mutant. The Runaways wouldn’t be the same without Princess Powerful.

4) Power Pack- Back in 1991 the Power Pack actually had a TV show that didn’t get picked up as a series. If you watch it now you would see how dated it is, but I still think it would be interesting to have a Power Pack TV show with today’s advancements.

Freeform has many shows that center around sibling relationships like The Fosters and Switched at Birth. How about if you add the sibling dynamic with super powers! The Power Pack are a very under rated team that deserves a place to shine.

3) Spider-Girl (Mayday Parker) – This character may be a bit harder to get off the ground, but I need to see Marvel television use this character in some way. If you follow my YouTube channel, you may know that Mayday Parker is my favorite hero of all time.

It would be great to give this character more exposure. This would be the best way to bring classic Spider-Man to the screen with a new fresh take. The high school stories would fit the Freeform format nicely.

2) Young Avengers – The big screen is busy using the Avengers, but the small screen could use the Young Avengers. The Young Avengers has a great cast of characters already connected to the MCU universe heroes. Wiccan is the son of Scarlet Witch. Cassie Lang is the daughter of Ant Man, and has already appeared in the Ant Man film. Kate Bishop could be Clint’s protégé. Eli can be used from Captain America’s story. The only hard characters to integrate would be Iron Lad and Hulking.

1) Ms. Marvel – Ms. Marvel would be the perfect character to add to the Freeform lineup. Kamala is one of the most popular heroes in comics right now and very relatable. It would bring diversity to the MCU and allow the mainstream to get exposure to the character.



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