The Arrow Team Post Season 4 Finale

Spoilers for the Arrow Season 4.

Arrow’s Season 4 finale was called “Schism”, a very fitting title for the ending of this season. In the last few minutes of the finale the team decide to go their separate ways. Thea feels she is turning into her father, and wants to try to have a normal young adult life. Diggle joins the army again. Oliver is devastated by the loss of his team, but realizes that his family has to grow. After his final battle with Dahrk he decides that he wants to become mayor of Star City. Felicity stays with him in the city.

So the team is broken. What does this mean for team Arrow in the future? First I want to say I think this is a good move for Arrow. I am not saying this was the best Arrow finale. It did feel a little underwhelming, but those last few minutes felt right to me. Arrow season 4 was about Oliver finding hope and the rest of his team being caught by their demons. Diggle was forced to kill his brother, and Thea had a number of demons from killing Sara to almost killing a little girl in the finale.

A schism will help these characters find their own journey separate from the Arrow team, which is something the show desperately needs. A big complaint I’ve heard about the show and I have personally is distributing screen time to all of the team members on team Arrow. Season 4 was a step in the right direction, but I hope with season 5 all of the team members can have their separate arcs.

Season 4 was Oliver’s journey in defining what type of hero he wanted to be. Season 5 should be the journey of what kind of heroes Thea and Diggle want to be, to find their path into heroism in their own unique way. This could also include Felicity’s path into heroism, but I feel that was combined with Oliver’s journey in season 4. Her short story of paralyzation was a small contribution to her hero journey, even though I thought that story could have been handled better.

Diggle will be going back to the army. He will find his heroism in the battlefield, or maybe decide going back to the army isn’t for him. Thea I can see having a Nightwing type journey. She will figure out how to be a hero under her own name and not just under her brother’s team. Her sense of responsibility will mostly likely bring her into the hood again.

Season 5 has a good opportunity to reset the show in some ways. Allow all of their characters to find their own hero journey, which will allow them to unify in the end.



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