Caped Joel

Dark Knights – The Wild Hunt #1 - Dark Knights The Wild Hunt #1 – Continued from the pages of the bestselling DARK NIGHTS: METAL! The Dark Knights
Deadpool 2 Trailer & More | The Comic Multiverse Ep.82 - Joel & Matt are back again for more Comic book themed news and Hi-jinks. They cover all the big trailers
Revenge Of Muse | Daredevil #598 - Daredevil #598 – While Mayor Fisk continues his crusade against vigilantes, a new player joins the resistance against him…the psychopathic
Starfire Spotlight | Teen Titans #16 - Teen Titans #16 – A unseen villain has taken over the citizens of San Francisco with one target in mind…Starfire!
The End Of Time | Infinity Countdown – Adam Warlock #1 - Infinity Countdown Adam Warlock #1 – Reborn from the realm of the dead, Adam has come seeking the Soul Stone…and
History Of Destruction | Superman #40 - Superman #40 – Far away in a distant solar system, a world stands on the brink of destruction, much as
Dark Wayne Legacy | Batman White Knight #5 - Batman White Knight #5 – Jack’s mind and body begin to betray him as he prepares for an inevitable showdown
Wrath Of The Challenger | Avengers #679 (NO SURRENDER PART 5) - Avengers #679 – Who is the Challenger? What is at stake in his grudge match with the Grandmaster? And when
Temptation Of Wonder | Batman #40 - Batman #40 – Since the beginning, the friendship between Batman and Wonder Woman has stood at the heart of the

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