Caped Joel

Battle For City Hall | Daredevil #603,#604 & #605 - Daredevil #605 – Wilson Fisk is back on his feet after a deadly ambush by The Hand. And he’s none
The Good Son | Deathstroke #33 - Deathstroke #33 – Forced to team with Deathstroke, a man he loathes, Damian Wayne must discover the truth of his
Evil Steve Returns | The Punisher #227 - The Punisher #227 – The Punisher and Black Widow go off the grid on a secret mission of revenge! Frank
Iron Avengers | Hunt For Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda #3 - Adamantium Agenda #3 – HAS SINISTER UNLOCKED THE SECRETS OF LOGAN’S GENES? The hunt for Wolverine has led his New
Family In Crisis | Detective Comics #984 - Detective Comics #984 – Batman wanted Black Lightning involved in the lives of his protégés—but how involved was the
Love Rekindled | Amazing Spider-Man #1 (2018) - Amazing Spider-Man #1 – An alien invasion hits New York City and the only one who can stop it is…Spider-Man?!
Phantom Earth | Superman #1 (2018) - Superman #1 – A bold new chapter for the greatest superhero of all time begins here as the superstar team
Ant-Man & The Wasp Spoilercast | The Comic Multiverse Ep.107 - A smaller show this week while I Joel am on the rode. All the same get ready for Matt &
Nova No More | Infinity Countdown Champions #2 - Infinity Countdown Champions #2 – CHAMPIONS…OF THE CHITAURI? Nova and the Champions fighting for Thanos? Strange allies abound and sacrifices

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