Marvel Infinity War | Back Issues - After Adam Warlock’s return in ‘Infinity Gauntlet’, his worse half Magus wasn’t far behind. The struggle for ultimate power over
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Batman The Animated Series Toys | ComicPOP - ComicPOP cracks a box from DC’s Legion of Collectors! Visit to get your own! Subscribe here: <a
New Avengers & More! | Letters Page - ComicPOP cracks open letters and packages from the POPulation! Subscribe here: sub_confirmation=1 Music by Epidemic Sound Royalty Free Music
Is Marvel Studios overextending? | The Elseworlds Exchange Podcast - Could it be that Marvel Studios is doing too much and running the risk of overextending themselves? Sal and Joel
Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Green Goblin | Back Issues - Half of New York’s criminals are gunning for Spider-Man’s head — and to make matters worse, the web-slinger must now
Rick and Morty | The Elseworlds Exchange Podcast - In honor of the impending Season 3, Sal and Joel chat about their new favorite series Rick and Morty! Vote
DC Comics Legends | Back Issues - Out of the ashes of the greatest interdimensional holocaust comes a new generation of superheroes: Wonder Woman, the Suicide Squad,
Secret Empire is getting better? | Off the Rack - They thought they were safe! They thought they could handle anything that was thrown against them! But the united heroes

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