Joker Easter Eggs, Batman Origins Explained & References

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Joker 2019 thundered into theaters for a record breaking weekend. Acting as an origins for The Joker as well as a comic book movie set in it’s own universe. This video gets into all the Easter Eggs and References relating to comics like The Killing Joker, Batman 1989, other versions of the Joker including Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson, origins of this version of Bruce Wayne and Batman explained, nods to Taxi Driver and The King Of Comedy and a whole bunch of other stuff. Thanks for watching.

Birds Of Prey Trailer Breakdown ►
Batman 1989 Caravan Of Garbage ►

0:47 Comic Book References
3:02 Locations Visited
3:20 Batman Movie Easter Eggs
4:50 Other Movie References
7:25 Comedians
8:00 Miscellaneous

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