Terminator: Dark Fate – New Timeline & Easter Eggs Explained

Terminator: Dark Fate welcomes us to the day after Judgment Day. So they say. Acting as a director sequel to Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991) and The Terminator (1984) it is choc full of Easter Eggs and References to those movies and a brand new timeline that is explained. There’s even nods to Rise Of The Machines, Salvation, Genisys and The Sarah Connor Chronicles that also hint towards self healing Terminators, the death of John Connor, old and young Arnold Schwarzenegger and even more or less things! Thanks for watching.

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0:44 Timeline
3:11 The Terminator
4:30 T2 Judgement Day
5:56 Terminator: Rise Of The Machines
6:58 Terminator: Salvation
7:44 Terminator: Genisys
7:54 The Sarah Connor Chronicles
9:00 Real World Parallels
9:15 Miscellaneous

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