What is Absolute Comics?

Benny the Comicstorian and Sal of ComicPOP!

TLDR: It’s a comic book news and review live show hosted by former The Weekly Pull members Benny and Sal.

Still with us? Sweet! Here’s the full explanation: Absolute Comics aims to keep you, the comic book fan up to date with the latest industry news, book reviews, movies, shows, and other pop culture tidbits that you’re interested in, all wrapped up in a live weekly show over on Twitch. Each episode covers a multitude of topics hosted by Benny the Comicstorian and Sal from ComicPOP!, two founding members of the award winning podcast The Weekly Pull.

“So it’s really not The Weekly Pull?” Pretty much. However, like the mighty phoenix rising out of the ashes of its former self, Absolute Comics takes all the best things about TWP and condenses it into a streamlined and consistent show. And who doesn’t like consistency?

“But I fear change!” Worry not gentle viewer, we got awesome things in store for you including appearances from classic TWP crew members and special guests from the comic book industry! In fact, check out our recent episode with Joker War’s James Tynion IV!

Meet the Hosts!

Benny the Comicstorian joined by Andy and Dan

Benny the Comicstorian

Benny the Comicstorian is best known for his Complete Series show on YouTube where he dramatically reads comics from Marvel, DC, and Indie comic publishers.

Along with the rest of the Comicstorian team, he produces several podcasts ranging from comic book reviews (Comicstorian Weekly) to supernatural consperacies (Conspericy Cast) brought to you every week over on his twitch channel.

If you’re interested in live-streamed gaming, check out Comicstorian’s other channel Eligible Monster over on Twitch!

Sal joined by Ethan and Tiffany

Sal of ComicPOP!

ComicPOP is a few friends talking about comic books.

Sal and the ComicPOP team bring a bunch of unique points of view to every single discussion about a comic book, graphic novel, character or story arc. You can find full conversations about your favorite titles from Marvel and DC Comics, plus a few pretty key independent comics.

If you’re looking for a long, funny conversation about Batman or a deep dive into why Spider-Man is so neurotic, check out the hours and hours of amusing, insightful and downright stupid conversations about some of your favorite comic books over the years.

They also have live-stream gaming week to week (Sundays and Tuesdays) over on their ComicPOP Twitch channel, hosted by Tiffany!